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Roheena Moosa

Mental Health Counselor-LP

Are you experiencing uncertainty in your relationships or job? Do you feel disassociated from the people around you? Whatever the life event hindering your daily functioning may be, I am here to guide you to be the best version of yourself!

We will work together on strategies, different approaches to managing behaviors/impulses, and working on loving our true selves! My expertise is working with clients between the ages of 11-50 with relationship trouble, depression, anxiety, bipolar and/or body dysmorphia.

My therapeutic approach can be described as eclectic as it derives from Talk Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. There is no one correct approach to counseling, I am a strong believer in using the above methods based on the client's needs and goals for therapy. I have experience working with children and adults of all ethnic backgrounds!

I earned my Master's in Mental Health & Wellness Counseling from New York University. I have prior experience working with clients of all demographics and diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, relationships, and career counseling. In addition to English, I am fluent in Urdu and can communicate in Spanish. 


Roheena Moosa
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