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Lisa Porter

Mental Health Counselor-LP

Sometimes we recognize that we are just not ourselves. This is the first step to mental wellness, and while many of us acknowledge this, so few of us are bold and courageous enough to take the next step, especially those of us in the BIPOC community. But understand this: seeking help does not make you weak, it is actually a sign of strength. So many times, life doesn't always go as planned and you might feel like you've lost your way. You are not alone. Many people are experiencing mental unrest and uncertainty, especially in this post-COVID era. 

As a mental health counselor who is also an African American woman, I am able to relate to many shared experiences and provide a personable environment that is safe, down to earth, and sprinkled with a bit of warmth and humor. Because I am also a certified yoga teacher, I often include Mindfulness-based CBT and other techniques that allow my clients to find peace within themselves. Together, we explore and reflect on past traumas and experiences to understand their impact on current situations. This helps clients gain a new awareness that often leads to powerful insights.

My style is a collaborative effort that empowers clients to develop healthy cognitive patterns, manage anxiety, and address negative self-talk. My goal is to guide my clients as they restore effective functioning and alleviate depressive moods which ultimately leads to a more fulfilling life. My specializations include anxiety, depression and relationship issues, racial and cultural trauma and identity. 

Your treatment will be supervised and guided by Odile McKenzie, LCSW.


Lisa Porter
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