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Esther Choo

Advanced Clinical Resident

It can take a lot of courage to start the therapeutic process. It would be my honor to help you take your first steps and support you on this journey.

Together, we can pursue your objectives as a united team to overcome career challenges, interpersonal difficulties, anxiety, or other life obstacles. We can examine opportunities for growth and combine these aspects of ourselves that foster healing. Our efforts alternate between seeking resolutions and embracing present realities. 

I adopt a warm, collaborative, and client-centered approach to therapy. I consider confidentiality and providing a non-judgmental space foundational to building a secure and trusting environment. Additionally, I integrate diverse methodologies such as mindfulness, existential, and cognitive-behavioral within my work. These approaches are customized to suit the needs of each distinct individual.  

Currently, I am a clinical resident at Odile Psychotherapy, and treatment will be clinically supervised and supported by Odile McKenzie, LCSW. Concurrently, I am also pursuing a master's degree in mental health counseling at Hunter College. 


Esther Choo
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