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Elizabeth Jean

Advanced Clinical Resident

I believe that healing occurs through feeling one’s emotions and further building one’s self-awareness to understand the various messages that the body communicates in relation to one’s environment.

I strive to create a therapeutic relationship centered on empathy, authenticity, and collaboration. I intend to create a safe environment to provide support as you unpack the emotional stressors relating to the challenges that arise in life. Whether you are undergoing life transitions, grief, anxiety, depression or stress-related concerns, I aim to support you as you embark on the process of personal growth and self-discovery.  

My previous experience of mentoring survivors of interpersonal violence fuels my passion for assisting those impacted by trauma to help transmute their pain into empowerment. I adopt diverse integrative modalities such as cognitive behavioral, trauma-informed care, and family systems since I firmly believe that to understand people and their mental health challenges it is crucial to examine and explore the depths of their relationships and the larger systems they belong to.

I integrate culturally sensitive approaches tailored to the individual’s intersecting identities which encompass somatic healing and create a warm environment to explore aspects of spirituality and identity exploration. 

I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey by building upon your unique strengths and assisting in fostering more adaptive coping skills that will lead you to live a life of wellness alongside building the inner tools to overcome the adversities in life. 

I am an intern pursuing a master's degree in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at New York University. Your treatment will be supervised and guided by Odile McKenzie, LCSW. 


Elizabeth Jean
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